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Commercial Concrete Services Across the Western US

With expertise in concrete, civil construction, and steel erection, Phaze Concrete, Inc. is dedicated to delivering top-quality results and a professional experience. Based in Cedar City, UT, our services extend to clients throughout the western region of the United States. From flatwork to steel erection, we specialize in various projects, including earthwork to prepare the ground for concrete. We travel to remote locations pouring concrete, building large retail buildings, and providing civil construction.

Concrete in Cedar City, UT | Phaze Concrete, Inc.



At Phaze Concrete, we have a proven track record of completing complex concrete projects with skillful precision and exceptional attention to detail. We’ve successfully executed concrete scopes for many new builds and remodel projects, including large box office stores, warehouses, hotels, airports, hospitals, colleges, and custom homes. We take pride in offering the highest quality concrete flatwork to your exact specifications.


We have extensive experience in tilt-up construction, including large distribution centers, public schools, box office stores, and post offices. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of tilt-up construction, utilizing innovative techniques to efficiently and effectively create strong and visually appealing structures.

Parking Garages

From large and elaborate design structures to more straightforward parking facilities, we can handle any project anywhere. With an emphasis on quality and attention to detail, we construct parking garages that are functional, visually appealing, and built to withstand high traffic demands.


From 7-story apartment complexes to multi-level structures like Spaceport America, our team is equipped to handle any sized challenge. Focusing on quality craftsmanship and efficient execution, we ensure your building project is completed to the highest standards.

Site Concrete

Our team is proficient in site concrete projects such as the construction of sidewalks, curbs, retaining walls, and foundations. Whether a new construction or a renovation project, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver outstanding results. Trust us to provide high-quality site concrete solutions that are functional and visually appealing.


Phaze Concrete offers professional concrete polishing services to transform plain concrete surfaces into sleek, glossy finishes. With advanced techniques and attention to detail, our experienced team delivers durable and aesthetic results for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces.

Civil Construction


Phaze Concrete collaborates with utilities for civil work projects, such as waterline mains, by working closely with the city infrastructure. Whether it involves connecting to existing city lines or coordinating with the local municipality for street work, our team has experience in partnering with utilities to ensure the successful execution of projects, both for government contracts and businesses.


With a fleet of top-of-the-line equipment, including dump trucks and excavators, Phaze Concrete provides expert earthwork services. Our experienced team excels in precise and efficient excavation, ensuring thorough site preparation for a wide range of construction projects.

Steel Erection


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Structural Steel

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